| Broadway and I-75 Underpass | In April of 2010, the Old South End Mural was unveiled at the I-75 underpass on Broadway. This vibrant landmark now serves as a “gateway” from Downtown Toledo into the Old South End, a historic Latino neighborhood. The mural depicts the faces of local and international Latino heroes: Toledo community leaders Aurora Gonzalez and Sofia Quintero, farm worker activist Cesar Chavez, Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, and painter Frida Kahlo. It also displays examples of Mexican and Peruvian art, a migrant family, a United Farm Workers flag, and a few Toledo landmarks. 

Internationally recognized mural artist Mario Torero was brought to Toledo by Bowling Green State University to help organize and complete this project. He worked closely with the Old South End community to create a unique design that would be culturally significant to the area. He also shared his expertise by directing volunteer artists and community members who helped paint the mural.  It is truly amazing how this colorful mural has transformed this dark and cheerless underpass into a bright symbol of a rich cultural background and community spirit.  It has also served as a catalyst for more public murals in the community.

As we drive through this neighborhood, think back to the Polish, German, and Hungarian neighborhoods we talked about earlier and remember how those neighborhoods were settled in the late 19th and early 20th century by folks who held on tightly to their cultural heritage. The passion is the same today for this neighborhood - the only differences are the Latino culture and the fact that the clock has turned ahead to the 21st century.