| Front Street at Millard Avenue | To the east are the remains of Ironville.  As early as the 1860s there was an iron mill in this area.  The Ironville community grew up with the steel mills and casting plants of East Toledo.  At one time there was a streetcar line that ran through this area called the Blue Line due to the fact that most of the homes along the line were painted a dull blue to make the factory soot inconspicuous.

If you look closely you can still see foundations, fire hydrants and street curbs. People who lived here have fond memories of the days they enjoyed pizza pies and pasta at Mama Cipriani Pizza, or played in Lincoln Place Park at Front and Millard. They remember worshipping at two churches - one Methodist and one Lutheran - and they recall shopping at two grocery stores in the neighborhood.  Even though it was a small community, people had a choice of five neighborhood bars.

Sadly, Ironville was abandoned and torn down as part of the Ironville Urban Renewal Project in 1965.  The idea was to make room for an industrial park for businesses using the Port of Toledo docks. Urban renewal does not always have a happy ending. 

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