| 1221 Broadway Street | FLOC was founded in Toledo in 1967 by Baldemar Velasquez, a migrant worker who had worked in the local fields since he was six years old.  Velasquez demonstrated his leadership at an early age by leading his first strike at the age of 12.  Velasquez organized FLOC among migrant field workers picking tomatoes in Northwest Ohio with the help of his father and others.

It took several years for FLOC to build a base among farmworkers in the area. Since then, FLOC has built a membership of thousands of migrant farmworkers by incorporating two key principles:

  • Farmworkers need a voice in the decisions that affect them: Allowing workers to form a union and collectively bargain with their employer is the only way to address the huge imbalance of power and provide an effective structure for self-determination.

  • Bring all parties to the table to address industry wide problems: Large agricultural corporations have created a supply chain that enriches its executives at the expense of those who work in the fields. These corporations have the wealth and power to change the harsh realities that many farmworkers face. FLOC seeks a structure where all those in the supply chain work together to solve problems: corporations, growers, and farmworkers.

Today, through FLOC's collective bargaining agreements, the Toledo-based organization works with its members to help solve a wide array of problems from workplace issues to problems facing the broader Latino community, like discrimination and racial profiling.  CLICK HERE to learn more...