| US 24 & Jerome | The Battle of Fallen Timbers, fought on August 20, 1794, is among the most historic conflicts fought on American soil. Some say that only the Revolutionary War's Battle of Lexington, Virginia and the Civil War's Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania outrank Fallen Timbers in significance. The battle climaxed a military campaign that pitted the U.S. army of America, then called the Legion of the United States, under the leadership of Major General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, against native tribes, led by Chief Little Turtle.  The defeat of the native tribes at the Battle of Fallen Timbers resulted in them ceding southern and eastern Ohio to settlers through the signing of the Treaty of Greene Ville.  This brief battle, an overwhelming victory for Wayne's forces, was fought in an area recently ravaged by a windy storm, thus the name - Fallen Timbers.

Today, the impressive Battle of Fallen Timbers monument stands across the Anthony Wayne Trail from the actual battlefield. A bike/pedestrian bridge connects the two sites. The Battle of Fallen Timbers Battlefield is managed by Metroparks of the Toledo Area and is an Affiliated Unit of the National Park Service.