| 2550 Cherry Street | Central Catholic High School is operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo and is the largest Catholic high school in the area. Central Catholic evolved from the old St. Francis de Sales High School on Superior Street in 1914, to Cathedral High School on Collingwood in 1915, to the school we know today as Central Catholic High School.  Central Catholic was founded as Cathedral High School in 1919, but its name was changed in 1920. The Cathedral High School name was not related to the nearby Rosary Cathedral - it was not opened until 1931 - the name came from St. Francis de Sales Chapel located just down the road on Cherry Street, which was the first cathedral of the Diocese of Toledo from 1910 to 1940.

I am often amazed at how many Toledoans can rattle off the names of notable athletes who graduated from this school but they give me a blank stare when I ask about Gene Kranz.  Kranz was the Flight Director for Apollo 11 and played a key role in humankind's first walk on the moon on July 20, 1969.  However, Kranz is perhaps best known for his role as lead Flight Director during the Apollo 13 mission. Kranz's team was on duty when the Apollo 13 Service Module exploded.  He and his team dealt with the initial hours of the unfolding accident and helped safely return the crew back to earth after an ingenious slingshot maneuver around the moon.

Today, Central Catholic, along with Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, serves as a focal point for the Warren-Sherman neighborhood.  Both facilities could have easily abandoned the area years ago but they've stayed and continue to expand and serve as an anchor for the surrounding community thanks to their steadfast commitment to the people of North Toledo and philanthropic support.